CDL Land New Zealand Limited (Ltd)

CDL Land strives to produce high quality residentialsections that create an excellent quality of life with minimal impact on the environment and community. We believe in innovative design and sustainable development.


Magellan, Hamilton Sections for Sale

Truly unique elevated sections in Flagstaff that offer a commanding outlook over Hamilton and Waikato, as far as the eye can see. Magellan Heights continues [ Read more.. ]

Prestons Park, Christchurch Sections for Sale

If quality of life is what you’re after, Prestons Park has it in spades. [ Read more.. ]

Northwood, Hawkes Bay Sections for Sale

At last there’s quality real estate and an opportunity for you to experience living in a superb new subdivision in Hastings. [ Read more.. ]

Morning Star Terrace, Queenstown Sections for Sale

Now you can stake your claim to a piece of real estate in Queenstown at Morning Star Terrace [ Read more.. ]

Stonebrook, Christchurch Sections for Sale

Stonebrook also offers a range of section sizes and housing densities which will appeal to a wide range of buyers [ Read more.. ]


Harrowglen, Auckland

[ Read more.. ]

Millgate, Rolleston

[ Read more.. ]

Ashmore, Hamilton

[ Read more.. ]

Brookfield Estate

[ Read more.. ]

Washbourn Terraces

[ Read more.. ]


SUBDIVISIONS July 22, 2016